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About Us

About American Academy of Primary Care Research (AAPCR)

American Academy of Primary Care Research (AAPCR) is a registered non-profit organization founded by a group of physicians and research scientists.

Mission Statement:


 Office location:

9450 Skillman ST. STE 121, Dallas, Texas 75243


Primary care research suffers from neglect. The paucity of funds in primary care research attracts fewer scholars compared to biomedical and other clinical research. Yet primary care remains the bedrock of medical care delivery for the vast majority of the population. The constrains in the field of primary medicine research accounts for the diminished benefit patients have derived from the advances made in the medical sciences during the last 3 decades. The inefficient ways of delivering primary care and the over-emphasis on specialty care, aside medical insurance, are the two major culprits of unsustainable health care cost in America. The solution should include, among other things, creating awareness on primary care research needs, attracting physician scientists to primary care medicine research, and improving accessibility and quality of care through practical programs that empower the people to take charge of their own health.

Most of our physicians are practicing and have research experience and education. Membership is open to all persons who desire to empower patients in this way.


  1. Create awareness for primary care research needs.
  2. Attract physician scientists to primary care medicine research.
  3. Improve accessibility and quality of care through practical programs that empower the people to take charge of their health.
  4. Develop primary care research into academic medicine.


To achieve these goals, AAPCR has developed the concept of patient-health provider-researcher triad. The idea is to bring together these three groups in one place where they could have access and share information, education and interventions. This is the purpose of myaapcr website.

 Brief on Myaapcr Web Product:

Myaapcr is a free online web application built around the family and health providers to help users manage their own health concerns and conditions. Users can save their health records, especially the ones usually required by providers, and make it available anywhere it might be needed. This way you take control of your medical information, and your records will be available the moment you need it. Your health information is valuable to your doctor especially if you go to the emergency room. In that setting, with your permission, access to your records will ensure that your medications, allergies, etc. are entered correctly. Medical errors will decrease, delays before treatment will decrease, and paper work will decrease, a good thing for the environment. You can also e-mail or fax your records electronically.

Myaapcr has also included a reminder system for use by individuals. Users can send SMS messages to remind themselves when to take their medications. SMS can also be programmed to remind persons of future events, like clinic appointments, blood sugar checks, weight loss programs, immunizations, etc. Health providers can build the reminders into their scheduling to remind patients of their appointments, labs, medication intake, etc. For the reminders to work you would need to verify your mobile phone number. Reminders can also be sent to your e-mails.

Use the family tree to create a rich family history. You can go back as far as you can remember, connect with various links on your tree and create a family web with various branches. You may enter relevant medical history of family members that may become useful to your doctor for making relevant diagnoses and treatment decisions.

Use the chat and blog to interact with your family, friends, and health providers. Use the blog to find solutions to your unsolved problems by asking others who might know where the answers may be.

Health providers can upload educational videos. The video section is meant to provide online education to patients and providers alike.

If you are a researcher, you can use the survey application on Myaapcr to reach millions of participants. The survey is designed to bring innovation and change the way primary care surveys have been done hitherto. We have included a key that allows you to enter numeric ranges. This way ‘game theory model’ and similar surveys techniques may be conducted. For more research questions please contact us.

Other AAPCR research activities include:

Chronic disease dynamics: A new way of looking at chronic diseases as a dissociation between biology, social and physical evolution

Morgelon’s Disease: Neurotoxic Spongi-Fibrous Parasitic Disease (a study in collaboration with Sciencemedicine Research Institute) see

Primary care space medicine

Novel measurement techniques in primary care

Medical non-compliance studies: The role of neuro-psychometric brain function, etc


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