Soft Engineering and Algorithms in Medical Sciences (SEAMS): Extreme Web Based Medical Innovation of the Future: Presented at Medicine 2.0 conference in Boston 2012 * Remigius N Okea, Alphonsus I Ekwerike, American Academy Of Primary care Research & Science Medicine Research Institute, Dallas, USA Print

Name :  Remigius Okea

Date  :  12-Apr-2013

Remigius Okea

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Soft Engineering and Algorithms in Medical Sciences (SEAMS): Extreme Web Based Medical Innovation of the Future.
Introduction: Soft Engineering and Algorithms in Medical Sciences (SEAMS) uses simple computer algorithms to automate complex health needs and functions for the generality of primary care,  providers & researchers alike and to empower patients  through its reminder system of the time and dates to take their drugs and comply to all medical instructions anywhere in the world.
To transform primary care into research driven medicine
To keep patients reminded of their medications intake time and date
To integrate primary care into everyday way of life
To innovate robotic clinical auto-therapeutics (rCAT)
Method: SEAMS is a web based medical educational protocol and medication reminder device innovated to educate and train health experts in primary care research, and  various health disciplines  in  software engineering using rCAT techniques. To keep patients informed of  their medication intake time & date .
Result: The  initial experiment of the SEAMS facilitated medication reminder system  mandated  patients  to follow their given  therapeutic advices etc on time  and due  date. The learning  protocol encouraged healthcare professionals and researchers to  engage in integrative educational collaboration  and cooperation  which are relevant  to delivering safe and evidence base home health care administration.
Conclusion: This free  safe web based SEAMS  protocol built by American Academy of Primary Care Research (AAPCR)  ( play  relevant role  in training health care professionals and patients ,promoting professionalism in the home heathcare sector. We  encourage every one to use it.