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1) Survey
The system allows research users to add, edit, and delete their own research surveys. Individual users and health professionals can only participate in surveys but can not create one. Any user can create or participate in a poll.
The system allows the user to view the frequently asked questions of the site. The Frequently asked questions posted by admin.
3) Set up your personal web page
Enter your personal information to customize your web page. This will allow you to create your own health record, access personalized self-guidance tools and track your goals online.
4) How to Register on MyAAPCR
If you have previously registered for MyAAPCR, simply type in your Username and Password in the sign in box left of the page. If you are new to our member, you will be prompted through a series of simple steps to register. Once registered, simply sign on using your Username and Password.
5) Users’ Guide
Introduction: MyAAPCR allows you to keep all your health information in one place, making it easier to find information about your recent health services and conditions and share it with your providers and family members. MyAAPCR is one of the most comprehensive health information systems available online for you. MyAAPCR utilizes the latest health information and interactive wellness tools to help you monitor your health-Manage and maintain your medical history and medical records. Keep up to date records of your prescription medications (past and current), allergies (drug and general), immunizations and your health history. MyAAPCR provides accessibility to three types of users:
6) Reminder System
You can control information regarding the medicines that you take, the amount you need to take, and the frequency at which you need to take them can be entered into the reminder system. The system provides you with reminders at the time you need to take the medicine. So you can have reminders sent to your personal email and also your mobile phone reminding you to take your medicine. You can also set reminders for other wellness activities, including appointments, immunizations, weight loss programs, etc.
7) Family Tree
The system allows you to create a tree structure for your entire family. The users can add, edit, delete family data such as father, mother and their siblings, etc. Health status of family members can be added.